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  1. 2013.05.21 Indication of anomalous heat energy production

    A team of scientists originated from Bologna University (Italy), Uppsala University (Sweden), Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm) has lead two 96 hours and 116 hours running tests on LENR italian e-cat reactor.

    For calculating the COP of the reactor, the radiated power has been added to power dispersed by convection is to add the radiated power dispersed by convection and relating to power supplied to heating elements.

    The results of measurement are the following:

    Test run carried out in december 2012 - ECAT HT

    COP = 2034/360 = 5.6 ± 0.8

    Test run carried out in mars 2013 - ECAT HT2

    COP = 816/283 = 2.9 ± 0.3

    The photo above is one of the first version of the hot cat. The new version of the reactor was conceived for eliminating any concentration of energy and hot point. Rossi indicated that all versions of the e-cat will now have an activator, so it seems to be something that is very important in optimum operation of these reactors.

    Report of tests