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  1. Magnetomechanics

    Taras Leskiv is the author and moderator of AGEOFMAGNETIZM website.

    The following topics are described on his portal :

    The magnetorefractive motive systems

    "In the case of two attracting spheres, or of a body not spherical, the magnitude and direction of the force vary according to more complicated laws. In electric and magnetic phenomena, the magnitude and direction of the resultant force at any point is main subject of investigation." J. C. Maxwell

    This article introduces methods of achieving broken symmetry of electromagnetic interactions what allows exploitation of ambient magnetic fields. The set of experiments on magnetomotive interactions of moving objects - reveals elements of designs of "Magnetorefractive Motive Systems" (further 2MS) which have potential forbuilding advanced utilities for generation of energy and transportation purposes.

    See how the broken symmetry in magnetic field distribution can create a continous movement.

    Mirror-symmetric tracks of inverted forks form tunnel-magnetic-fields

    Geomagnetic motors

    "I will make known to you the construction of a wheel which in remarkable manner moves continuously." Petrus Peregrinus of Maricourt.

    This article presents Geomagnetic Motive Systems (further: Geomagnetic Motors) which are explained here with help of experimental devices that collect, guide and exploit ambient magnetic fields, what induces continuous motion of rotor. Methods of constructing space-time allow unlimited harnessing of energy of large-scale magnetospheres and/or artificial electromagnetic environments.

    See how the magnetic potential field can be harnessed for creating a continous movement without locking rotation points.

    Perpetual mobile having rotor and stator composed of magnetorefractive screens.