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  1. Oliver Nichelson (english)

    Documentary research on Tesla works

    Oliver Nichelson is a friend met by chance at the mercy of my wanderings on the web.

    I first met Oliver in Paris during the fall of 2007. He is well one of the best experts of works carried out by the prestigious engineer, inventor and experimenter Nikola Tesla.

    Oliver Nichelson, right on photography - Paris, October 2007

    He has published numerous articles of synthesis on the works of Tesla, which:

    • the Fuelless Generator,
    • the Magnifier, at the origin of Tugunska explosion.

    Oliver is continuing research on the transmission of signals through water, based on the own works of Tesla, who intended to convey power and communications without any loss over all the planet, through the wireless network formed by the Earth capacity.

    Prototype for testing of communication under water

    Photograph published on our site with courtesy of Oliver Nichelson, reproduction prohibited.

    The image below is taken from a publication showing Nikola Tesla's thoughts on various ways to produce free energy.

    Tesla's Fuelless Generator and Wireless Transmission : buy the booklet


    Articles written by Oliver Nichelson and published with his kind permission