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  1. Machine propulsive à masses rotatives

    Mechanical motor converting static centrifugal energy into kinetic energy - COP >200 - Inventor : Vasileios Th. Tsiriggakis (Greece)

    The inventor

    In 1967 Mr. Tsiriggakis started to conduct research in the field of transmission of motion and study the "Antikythera Mechanism", a mechanism dated back to ancient Hellas (Greece) that was found in 1900 in an ancient wreckage in Antikythera island. This mechanism consists of approximately 32 gears (see relative figure) that operate harmonically with each other in order to compute the times of the planets of our solar system and finally give our position in earth. For this reason "The Antikythera Mechanism" is worlwidely known as "The Ancient Computer".

    In the beginning of the eighties (1981), after 13 years of research in the field of transmission of Motion,Mr. Theodore V. Tsiriggakis has perceived a new kinematical theory based on the principle of "Antikythera Mechansim".

    Until nowadays Mr. Tsiriggakis has invented several mechanisms based on his kinematical theory he perceived in 1981 while studying the "Antikythera Mechanism" and new ways of transmitting motion. Only some of these mechanisms are published in our web page! These are the following:

    It is more than worth noticing the fact that Tsiriggakis Gearless Differential resembles to the "Antikythera Mechanism".

    Since 1983, Mr. Tsiriggakis has been conducting research the result of which is the ongoing construction of a mechanism. This mechanism is equipped with special sensors and brings us very close to the study of gravity. When this mechanism is in operation at capacity, its weight is reduced. Therefore, we have the principle of a new kinematics theory in physics - Antigravity Mechanism. (click here to learn more...)

    Description of the invention

    The mechanism is composed of